02 March 2011

"World, meet Daisy. Daisy, meet Vet."

The Dewdster and Maisy-head Daisy
Meet Daisy.  She's a 9mos old terrier mix of some kind.  She's getting along amazingly well with the other dogs.  Lady is enjoying being the "dowager queen" and Dewey likes having somebody to play with.

Despite only being in our house since Friday, Daisy has already had her first emergency vet visit.  Oh, milestones.

While Dewey and Daisy and I were taking a nap on the sofa (post after-class romp and walk) Viveca comes up and she goes "Oh my- look at Daisy's eyes!" Her eyelids were pink and swollen, so Mom called the vet... and was put on hold for 10 minutes.  So Mom, Vi and I make an emergency vet trip.  I went along for moral support.
When we get there, Daisy's eyelids were all swollen up and her mouth-corner had started to swell too.  And the receptionist tells us to wait while she explains the payment plan to somebody.  Um, no, we will not wait.
Longish story shortish, they took Daisy back and hooked her up to an IV and pumped her little puppy-body full of antihistamines.  We had to leave for an anxious hour or so while they kept and eye on her to make sure she did okay.  The swelling went down, but she has to go back in the morning and will be taking Prednisone  and Benadryl over the next couple days.  Poor puppy.
The scary part is we have absolutely no idea what caused her to blow up like a little puppy-balloon.  At first we thought it might have been from her vaccines she got yesterday, but since that was over 24hrs before she broke out, it's very unlikely.  Fortunately, Lady has a bunch of allergies so we already have experience dealing with sensitive puppies' needs.

The White Badge of Courage

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  1. Oh noes! Poor little Daisy. Keep me updated.