11 February 2011

"Do you see yonder cloud that’s almost in shape of a camel?"

I worry about the future of humanity sometimes.  I guess I just take for granted that I am a Shakespeare Nerd who has actually read Timon of Athens...

*deep breath*

I was pretty terrified before Shakespeare class, considering Last Week.  We were supposed to have a sonnet and I couldn't pick one because I liked too many of them.  Funnily enough, I had the opposite problem on Monday when I was supposed to have a modern poem for Acting II, oh, ahem, excuse me, Craft II.  Anyway, so I actually printed 3 sonnets because a) I couldn't decide and b) I was worried someone might have the same one.  Turns out, it was a good idea I did because someone else picked Sonnet 10. *sniffle*

For shame! deny that thou bear'st love to any,
Who for thyself art so unprovident.
Grant, if thou wilt, thou art beloved of many,
But that thou none lovest is most evident;
For thou art so possess'd with murderous hate
That 'gainst thyself thou stick'st not to conspire.
Seeking that beauteous roof to ruinate
Which to repair should be thy chief desire.
O, change thy thought, that I may change my mind!
Shall hate be fairer lodged than gentle love?
Be, as thy presence is, gracious and kind,
Or to thyself at least kind-hearted prove:
    Make thee another self, for love of me,
    That beauty still may live in thine or thee.

And I liked that one...

I was very anxious (in the real meaning of the word) about class because it's a 400-level class and everyone else is a senior and I was having a inferiority complex.  However, it turns out that my worrying was in vain.  I'm not saying I was amazing or anything, but I was honestly shocked by the amateurism of some of the other students, considering.  A couple people were doing that weird bending at the waist thing that a lot of inexperienced actors do. 
So that was... weird.

The heart-rending part was Script Analysis.  Now, realise that my knowledge of Hamlet borders on obsession, but I'm pretty sure my assumption that Hamlet is a well-known play is, in fact, correct.  To say, even, that anyone who has any sort of academic background would be familiar with the basic plot and the major characters, would not be a leap of any sort.  Especially, I dunno, people who are are in a script analysis class.  HOWEVER, the amount of people who had no idea what the hell was going on and who the hell anybody was, was, frankly, astounding.  I have officially lost my faith in humanity.

"So, um, like, Hamlet.  He, um, like, goes crazy an' stuff?  And... like... yeah." Edwin Booth appears to have also lost his faith in humanity during Script Analysis class.  But maybe it's just the tights.

... In other news, I got my hair cut.