17 February 2011

Does this Dolman make my arms look flabby?

I am in love with Dolman-sleeved tops right now.  I just happen to have goodish-enough proportions and have smallish-enough boobs that they don't make me look like I'm wearing a sack. Which is good because I think my love of the tops has a lot to do with my not liking how much I weigh right now.  They also make me think of bats.  I <3 bats!  They are so freakin' cute!  If I wasn't worried about rabies, I'd go out at night and try to catch one... but, I digress.

Does this make my arm-flaps look flappy?
So the purpose of my bringing this up, aside to brag that I have smallish-enough boobs to wear them and look goodish in the skinny jeans that one must wear with one's Dolman, is that my orders from Delia's came today, which included 3 Dolman-sleeved tops.  Yes yes yes yes, I just admitted I shop at Delia's.  I only ever buy their (her? I hate stores that have people names...) stuff if it's on sale, because there is no way that jersey knit top actually cost $40 for some child-slave in Indonesia to make.  I don't know if this is indicative of my body-image issues, but almost all of the stuff I got is too big.  Bizarrely, one of the XL's was perfect, while most of the other L's were huge
SO, I now have this stuff that I like that I bought on clearance, that is now sold out, but it's too big.  My conundrum is, do I say "bye-bye, the 30 seconds we spent together was fab, too bad I didn't get a medium." and send it back, OR do I wash them, hope they shrink and take them in on the sewing machine?
I know the correct answer is to kiss them bye and send them back.  But, but, but, but one of them is named after me!


I dunno.


  1. I dislike this conundrum. Unfortunate. Sizing can be so freakin difficult when trying to find things that actually fit. One store is one size, another store is a different size, and sometimes in the same store you can be two or three different sizes depending on the style??... Sigh. Speaking of clothes -- my aunt gave me some socks for VDay. They are pink with cupcakes on them. Hideously awesome. I'll show them to you sometime.

  2. "It was acceptable in the 80's"

  3. @ Lar, I must see these socks!