11 July 2011

First bad review... sort of...

So, King Lear is playing at the Fringe Festival in DC right now, which is both stressful (and hot) and fun (and hot).  Seriously, it's really hot in DC.

Well, baby got her first bad review... sort of.  Lear got a good- not great, but good (3 out of 5)- review.  The reviewer like Lear and Edmund and Kent and Gloucester, but as for the rest of us: 
[T]his production is not without its problems. With the exceptions of the actors mentioned above, the rest of the cast is only varying degrees of competent; some struggled with the text, either flubbing lines outright, or delivering them in the lilting style that comes from actors not understanding the meaning behind Shakespeare’s words.
I think that's a little unfair.  Yes, there are a couple actors who don't have the chops for this show (which I won't get into here) but the rest of us I think are decent enough.  I personally thought I'm doing a million times better than I did last time.  Ah, well.  If this is the worst review I get, I'm doing okay, I guess.  And my name is nowhere in the article, so it won't come up on my internet record. :)

Here's the rest if you want to read it.

In other news, The Washington Post is reviewing Lear.  I am petrified.

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