20 July 2011

rawr MAD MEN rawr

Joan- the reason I am going to go ginger again
It's official.  I have finally watched Mad Men, after years of "Seriously, you'll love it!" and drooling over the costumes from afar.
Seriously, I love it and I'm still drooling over the costumes.
At some point I am going to have a Mad Men themed party so I can dress like Joan.  I wish I had a job as a secretary so I could dress like Joan everyday.

To that point: What Katie Did has amazing faux vintage underwear.  I am going to buy some, I just need to decide what.
ChicStar's red pencil dress.  More '30s that '60s, but I still think Joan would approve
And since I will have spent all my money on underpinnings, ChicStar has super cheap vintage-inspired clothes of all kinds (and they also have a cool designing program which I will be taking part in, watch this space).

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