03 September 2011

Why is it I'm only inspired after midnight?

I've been feeling super crappy lately; I think my thyroid is way off again, plus I have my period so I feel anemic to boot.  I got blood-work done today (a saga in-and-of itself), so hopefully the thyroid thing will be sorted out soon.  But anyways, as a result of all of the above, I pretty much slept all day.  Now it's after 2am and I'm still kicking.
You may remember my idea about playing both Gwendolen and Cecily in "the tea scene."  Well, I have been plagued by several logistical issues. 
1) Costumes.  I have a dress that works for Cecily (the lovely Gunne Sax dress worn by the girl who played Cecily when I did the show in high-school actually belongs to me, score), but I'd need something for Gwendolen (I was never happy with my costumes).  And a fantastic hat.  And maybe a wig, now that I've cut my hair.  It'd be hard for me to legitimize spending that money just for a "funsies" project.
2) Location.  Filming outside is a B.I.T.C.H. under normal circumstances. Outside noises, wind, traffic, passersby, lighting, all sorts of things make me want to vomit when the production moves outdoors.  Double that with trying to keep the continuity between the different shots... it would be like pulling teeth.  I've also had a hard time finding a location that I like.  There's nothing around that looks "manor garden" around here.  Just horses.  And grass.  And.... horses. 

I'm thinking about my sewing projects and blam! It hits me.  Why not set it in the late '50s/early '60s and set it indoors, during a party? And at night so the curtains are closed!  I took a look at the script, and I think it can be done.  I have to do some creative editing around the cake and sugar part (I think I'm just going to have one of the girls throw their drink in the others face), but it should work okay. I was already planning on making some early 1960s wear anyway!  (On a side note, we need to plan lots of vintage-themed parties so I can wear this stuff.)
So, costuuuuumes!
I bought 3 yrds each of stretch taffeta (I got really excited by the idea of stretch(!) taffeta and it was on sale, so...) in these colours

Peacock Blue (my favourite)

I'm going to make Gwendolen's dress with Butterick 6582, probably view B (the blue), maybe A (black with bows).  My plan is to first make the dress as-is in black, then fool around with the neckline to make it more... Gwendolen.  She does like to show-off, after all.
Everyone's favourite "innocent" English rose has to have a circle skirt, and I found another Butterick pattern that looks like something dear Uncle Jack would let Cecily wear.
The "bathrobe" B5152
The perfect pink taffeta
  I found a pink taffeta for a good price that will be perfect.

The best part is, I bought all this, plus five yards of duchess satin for a vintage "bathrobe*" and it was right around $100.  I also bought lining and sew-in interfacing and zippers. Take that, JoAnns.
The satin for my robe
*It's not really a bathrobe. It's actually an evening dress from the late 40s.  But, it's built a lot like a bathrobe. And, frankly, it looks like a bathrobe.  I'm doing the long-sleeved version and ditching the shoulder pads.  I've always wanted a fantastic bathrobe to lounge about in that I don't mind somebody seeing me in.  My current one is made out of fleece and looks like crazy cat-lady wear.

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