31 August 2011

One Month Old!

The kittens are four weeks old, believe it or not.  It seems like just yesterday they were little milk-parasites.  They really seem like mini-cats now.  
There are a lot of pictures of Skittles today.  She loves to sit in my lap and make cute faces, so, that's how that happened.  Plus, her siblings wouldn't hold still.  
I had to expand HMS Love Burrito, so now it's more of a compound than a boat, alas.  I also flipped the boxes over so the walls would be taller.  Leela (formally Oscar) crawled out about 4 days ago, fulfilling everyone's exceptions of her.
The black cat is now called Black Jack, or Jack (or Jax) for short.  Dad commented how he looks like a Halloween cat which made us think of Jack Skellington... then Black Jack, cuz it sounds cool.  He's kind of lazy, and always has a confused look on his face, so Vi and I want to call him Fry.

See the resemblance? ... No?

The kittens love this bridge. There have been many wars fought for control of the top.

Skittles hanging out in her favourite spot.


Skittles, kitten model

Skittles is practicing her "cat that caught the canary" face for when she will be able to actually catch canaries.

Teaching Skittles how to take obnoxious profile pics


"Pssst! Leela! Jack is weird."

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