23 August 2011

Time to find the sewing machine!

I've been looking for early-sixties-esq dresses (continuing with my fashions-of-Mad-Men obsession) for myself that aren't too expensive.  Banana Republic has a Mad Men collection that's really cool, but way too expensive for me.  80 bucks for a blouse isn't happening for me, even if it is purple and looks like something Joan would wear with a 2010s twist.

While I object to their advertising campaign ("Are you a Betty?"  No!  I am not a Betty thankyouverymuch! ) I still want it all!!
I got to thinking that there was no reason to spend $150 on one of those dresses, when I could make myself one for $50 tops.  On that note, I started looking at patterns.  Then I realized that both Simplicity and Butterick have re-released their patterns from the early sixties. SCORE!  They even have a pattern that would work for my favourite Joan dress, the green one below.

"Prints are so 1959."

The even better part?  Butterick is having a sale online through Wednesday; their patterns are on sale for $2.99.  Am I going to take advantage of this?  Is Joan way cooler than Betty?

The other thing I'm super happy about is What Katie Did is having their twice-a-year sale, and I snagged some great pieces.  For $27 I managed to get a '50s corset, which I never would have been able to afford otherwise.  Now I'll have something to wear over it!

I also need some jewelry and QVC (don't laugh) has some pieces that look really similar to ones Joan wears.  I guess it's for all the old ladies that shop there. ;) The prices are okay.  My mom also has some things her mother gave her that she says she'll give me that I'm curious to see.

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