15 August 2011

I can haz kittehs?

Brand new kittens!
Little kitten worms! 3ish days old.
The kittens are exactly two weeks old today.  One of our barn cats (Coco) had kittens on my brother's birthday on the 31st of July.  Which was funny because all day I'd been joking that it would be funny if Coco gave my brother kittens for his birthday... and she did.
Now that they're two weeks old, their eyes are open, so I picked them up in a kitten-love-burrito (aka, clean towel) for a little bit.  Mama behaved very well, and so did the kittens.  I have discovered, somewhat to my horror, that I am indeed a cat person.  <3
The oldest one is going by Monkey for now.  She*'s looks blackish, but I think she'll end up dark grey with some stripes.  "Why monkey?" you say.  Well, one of my favourite videos when I was younger was a day-in-the-life sort of thing about the San Diego Zoo.  In the video, there was a little black monkey who got her diaper changed and when sleeping on her side, Monkey looks like... well, that little black monkey. I'm sure she'll get a more dignified name at some point.
* I say "she"... I keep waffling about the kittens gender, it's really too early to tell, so I'm being somewhat arbitrary.  I am currently leaning toward Monkey actually being a boy and the other two female, but I'm not stressing too much about it at this point.
Monkey, shown here in the patented kitten-love-burrito is two weeks old exactly.

Two weeks. See how Monkey looks like a monkey?

Skittles is the middle kitten and is an adorable striped cat with a white tummy.  We were a little worried this evening because he was holding one eye closed, but I think he probably got smashed in the face by one of his siblings (see video below...).
Skittles, a little worse for wear.

Oscar (again, not sure if Oscar is really an he) was the littlest kitten, but is now the biggest.  He's also the fluffiest, leading to the name Sir Oscar Mormont (Song of Ice and Fire, House Mormont's sigil is a bear... yeah, we're nerds).  I saw him born, so I have a special place in my heart for this one.  He seems to be the one who is developing the fastest.  He was the first to open his eyes, the first to lift his head, then himself up on two front legs, and now he's the first to zoom about the nest as fast as his little wobbley legs will let him (which is to say, not very fast).  I have no doubt that he will be the first to figure out how to escape the nest.

Oscar wanted to leave the love-burrito as quickly as possible to continue zooming along.
*cute squishy noises*

Awwww! (one week)

One week.

Two weeks old. They've gotten so big!

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