23 August 2011

"I'm not fat, just fluffy"

In other news, the kittens were three-weeks old yesterday.  I decided today that we should start weighing them, to keep an eye on their progress.  Our food-weighing-thingy even has a convenient kitten shaped bowl!
FYI, Oscar isn't a he, as I suspected.  I'm thinking Ophelia will be her name, Leela for short (Shakespeare and Futurama reference in one name! Nerd-score!)  I would have put money on her being the heaviest, as big as she is.  Well, turns out she's just really, really fluffy.  Leela is the lightest at 19 ounces.  Skittles comes in second at 1 pound (1 lb and 1/2 an ounce with her tail actually in the bowl, lol).  Monkey is 1 pound, 1 ounce.  Which is interesting because their size is actually in birth-order.

I think Leela will find a way out to jump ship from the HMS Love-Burrito in the next couple days.  She's figured out how to stand up and look out of the box, but she can't yet figure out how to get her paws up on the edge to boost herself up and over yet, thank goodness.  They're walking much faster now, but they fall over more.  It's pretty funny to watch.  They also discovered stretching in the last day or so.  It's really cute when they wake up, yawn, and arch their little fluffy backs.  They've also started batting at each others' faces.  I foresee more eye injuries in their futures.

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